Apa itu maltego?? emm gini aja ni ada beberapa comment tp pake bahasa bule, simpulkan sendiri aja.

The ease with which you can dig deep into a Website, identity, e-mail address, IP address, and domain name is awesome.” – John Sawyer [DarkReading]
“(Maltego) might prove to be a lucrative offering for those with a hankering for customized and controlled intelligence gathering.” – Joe Barr (linux.com)
Mining the Internet is tough, slow and dirty work, but with Maltego, I find I need to hold back. It’s far too easy to dig too far too fast. Some things are better left undiscovered.” – Johnny Long
(Maltego is) one of the most extensible, innovative and frankly awesome tool that a tester MUST know about and be able to use effectively.” – Kevin Orrey [vulnerabilityassessment.co.uk]
A tool like Maltego just might put this Google Hacker out of business.. – Johnny Long (johnny.ihackstuff.com)
Ya, begitulah kurang lebih comment2 meraka tentang maltego. Berikut screen shoot penggunaan maltego.

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan masuk ke situs http://www.paterva.com/web4/index.php/maltego.